1958 Corvette for sale:


This is an un-restored, 1958 Corvette project car. (Barn car) This car has been stored for many, many years and is worn out and in well used condition. As a project car, it is in rather good condition considering that many of these cars have been badly damaged and improperly stored, making restoration very difficult. This car retains its original frame and all of its original fiberglass body panels which are in good, restorable condition. The interior also retains most all the original parts. Although not a matching numbers car, it lends itself to restoration due to the fact it has not been modified or damage to the extent that it would render restoration impractical. It is a good candidate for a restoration back to factory original specifications, or it could be used as a base for a conversion to a modern drive train and an up-graded engine/transmission system. Should you be in the market for a Corvette project car, call for more information on this one.