At RARE Corvettes we carry thousands of 1956 - 1962 Corvette parts that have been collected over the last thirty five years. Many of these parts are extremely hard to find and there are either no equivalent repro parts or the repro parts that are available are not suitable for the discriminating restorer.

Here is a good example of the parts we supply:  this is a used CORVETTE third member, open differential assembly that will fit all Chevrolet passenger cars from 1955 through 1964 and Corvettes from 1956-1962. This one was originally in a 1958 Corvette with a Powerglide Automatic transmission. Originally, this housing was equipped with 3.36:1 ratio. It has since been fitted with an open, non-Positraction gear set with 3.55:1 ratio, sometimes called 3.56:1. The housing was cast as C198, which translates to March 19, 1958 and the gear set was installed by the factory on March 24, 1958. It is stamped AE324 which denotes a 3.36:1 open Corvette rear end for the 1958 Corvette with A/T. It is in good used condition with only the most minor imperfections found

upon inspection. The gears all look to be in good condition for use as they are, with a good pattern showing on the ring gear teeth, and the pinion gear teeth. Backlash is minimal as well. I drove the car with this differential in it and I don't remember anything noisy about it, but that was some time ago. I believe, from my inspection, that it will work well and operate quietly as it is, but I can't say that I know that for sure. This is an original Corvette rear end, and there were a lot of Powerglide Corvettes in 1958, so someone might need this one to make his or her car more original, or, it will fit in many early Chevrolets and Corvettes as noted above.

             We carry FI units as well as carb units for most early Corvettes.

Here are some photos of parts in our warehouse:

Please email with any questions. I offer a three day, money back, return privilege / satisfaction guarantee, less the shipping charges and my Pay Pal fees, for those who choose to pay with Pay Pal. I also accept Visa and Master Charge over the phone.